Recruitment experts in different domains

Select International specializes in different fields. Our recruiters are experts in Medical staffing, IT-professionals, Office and Technical profiles. We can match the right talent with the right function in the following domains:


Medical staffing is becoming an international affair with Spanish assistants working in France. We recruit Medical staff worldwide through our local offices. Select takes care of all the support: from language courses to housing and help with travel.


Thanks to IT we can connect with each other globally. Select International recruits IT-professionals worldwide to help companies connect with partners and clients alike. With our experts at iStorm we can recruit the best professionals for your IT needs.


With our offices in the Middle-East and Morocco we recruit with local expertise the right office-profiles for your organization. Marketing, Sales, Logistics. If you are looking for an office profile, contact us for more information.

(Petro) chemicals, oil & gas, energy
Heavy industry like oil & gas or (oetr)chemicals, most technical talents are working on international projects. We find the right talent all over the world to fulfill your technical needs. In need of temporary support? We offer a project sourcing contract type.
Life Sciences
In this ever growing sector, companies are facing strict requirments and talent is scarce. Select finds the right technical professionals in engineering, commissioning, validation & qualification, quality & compliance and R&D Support.
Building & infrastructure

The construction sector is facing difficult challenges: scarcity of experienced staff and the increasing complexity of construction assignments put pressure on a growing industry. A multidisciplinary approach can be the anwser. Let us help you with your global projects and quest for talent.