Specialised technical professionals for your project

Short-term and long-term outsourcing of specialised technicians

If you’re looking for project support, for dealing with peak periods, or when you need extra technical expertise for short or long-term assignments, then it’s a real partner you want. At Peps International, we take the time to make a thorough inventory of your needs and your project. Our technical experts have mastered and support your company with the same dedication you would get from a permanent employee.

Our people, our strength

At Peps International, we work hard every day on continuing to develop a growing group of technical experts that we make accessible to you. Each and every one of them is highly skilled and experienced in his or her field, so that we can provide you with the specialisation you need. Among others, we can assist you with the following specialised profiles:

  • Welders
  • Repair technicians
  • Maintenance technicians
  • (Industrial) electricians
  • Cooling technicians
  • Welding and assembly technicians
  • Machine builders

We are looking for colleagues to work at Peps International both within Belgium and across national borders. All our employees are officially employed in Belgium and have a Belgian employment contract with Peps International.

Select Projects supports your project in Life Sciences, Industry or IT

Just like Peps International Select Projects is a specialist in assembling the right talent and desired expertise for your project. As a technical partner, we provide project support for customers in different fields, namely, Life Sciences, (Petro) Chemicals, Building & Infrastructure, Marine & Offshore, and Rail. We work from the two biggest ports in Europe: Rotterdam and Antwerp.

With our new branch iStorm Projects we offer IT-support as well. Find more information on our dedicated website: www.istorm-projects.be

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