We support all your HR needs

Recruitment & Selection, Executive Search, Outplacement & Assessment, Project Sourcing

Select offers total solutions of the highest level for a range of human resources issues: from Recruitment and Selection, Executive Search, Consultancy services such as Outplacement and Assessments through Project Sourcing. These services are provided by a team of seasoned specialists and are always tailor-made. Everything our staff develops is based on a thorough analysis of your ambitions, profile and wishes. We always take the corporate culture and HR needs of our clients into consideration.

Recruitment & Selection

The right hire? A tailor-made approach

Select HR helps you find the right people! Our consultants make sure the hiring-process runs smoothly and keep you up to date about any evolutions. Furthermore we offer advice and guidance after hiring. This way we can offer you the best possible service.

Besides Recruitment & Selection, we also provide temping. Regardless of the sector, this flexible and fast contracting option opens lots of possibilities. Select makes sure your candidates are reliable, even for a short period of work. These options are available for international staffing. Would you like more information on recruitment and temping in an international field? Contact us.

Executive Search

Select HR provides a successful match that lasts.

Begin an executive search and you’ll soon have the person with the right profile working for you. As this person will be playing a strategic role in your company, you don’t want to take chances putting them in the lead. We don’t either.

We start with you. Have you already investigated whether having a manager will deliver any added value? Are you prepared to let them make important decisions? Are you sure of yourself? Then your candidate needs to be too. This is why we clarify exactly what their role is, how the strategy of your company stacks up and how the market works. You’ll both be starting with a solid foundation: honesty.

The selection and recruitment procedure is run very thoroughly. And also discretely — for you and your candidates.

Outplacement & Assessments

Assessments and coaching

It’s an increasingly common scenario: a company does its absolute best to bring in new talent. But once it’s on board, the motivation often dissipates. What a shame! Employees focus on growth opportunities, on development possibilities ... and on making a career. If you don’t offer this, your staff members will soon be on their way out, ready to put their skills to good use with the competition. You’ll have invested time, money and energy in a lost recruit. Before you know it, you’re back at square one.

Once you’ve brought new talent on board, we help you motivate it to stay with you. Thanks to our services you can make the most out of the competencies of your new and current staff members. We offer trainings in competence management, assessments, coaching, teambuilding and more! Thanks to assessments and evaluations at the beginning of the recruitment process, you can be sure about picking the right talent.

You’ll benefit three times: Your employees will be happy to work for you, they’ll be better at their jobs, potential candidates will appreciate your approach and apply with you rather than anyone else.

Project Sourcing

In need of extra specialists? Select HR brings them to your door.

We offer project support in different technical fields such as Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Construction and Marine. We ensure you the right specialists and assemble the best teams with experience in project management, engineering, construction, maintenance and operations. Every specialist finds a career coach, mentor and networker at Select. As well as a partner who keeps their professional knowledge up to date and on the cutting edge. This makes sure the people you bring on board are motivated and qualified to assist on your project.

Besides technical project support, we have pools of talented IT-professionals and HR-specialists. These sectors are just as technical jobs evolving. More and more flexible functions start to appear. With Select Projects you can support you project when in need of extra knowledge. The same goes for Medical care centers. We assemble the right teams with talented nurses, doctors and other medical staff.

For a streamlined project, you don’t need to recruit permanent staff. Just count on temporary outsourcing from Select HR. It’s far easier and much cheaper. We help you from Belgium and the Netherlands, Luxemburg, UAE and Morocco. Ask us about it!