International recruitment webinar: our experts share their knowledge

Published on: 17 October 2019

Last week our experts shared their international recruiting insights with members of essenscia, the Belgian federation of the chemical and life sciences industry.

In an exclusive webinar, the Director of Operations of Select International, Jelle Destoop, together with his colleague Michiel van Rossum, International Business Director, took a look at the benefits, but also the pitfalls of international recruitment.

"Originally from Belgium, we are now also active in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates," said Jelle. This was a necessary development: ​​due to ageing populations in Belgium and, more broadly, in Europe, employers are increasingly looking to hire foreign workers.

"Global war for talent"

But the war for talent doesn’t limit itself to Europe. Developed Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China are also struggling with an ever-increasing shortage of employees. There are signs that this trend will continue.

"So there is a real global war for talent," said Michiel, Business Director for Select International, during the webinar. "The primary countries for recruiting foreigners will mainly be in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia."

“Our department’s response is to tap into these markets in the search for talent, both for blue- and white-collar profiles. Although it is still an art to pluck the right profiles from this ocean of talent.”

From search to plane ticket

Michiel clarified the specific methods Select International uses for recruiting foreign workers to the companies attending the webinar. In a recent case, his team had to find more than 40 highly trained technicians, engineers and staff members - in less than nine months - for a high-tech automotive glazing company which recently built a new factory in Flanders.

Due to the scarcity of these specific profiles in Belgium and Europe, Jelle and Michiel called on their colleagues in Casablanca, Morocco. "They made a longlist of potential candidates," said Michiel. “The project team in Belgium then took over by making a shortlist after extra screenings and interviews. A selection of the best candidates was then discussed with the client."

Michiel then took a look at the - often complex - procedures for moving these candidates to Belgium. In this context, he gave those present an insight into the working method of Select International to handle the relocation process and the application procedures for work visas.

"We understand that a new job in a foreign country may at times be challenging for those employees," said Michiel. “That’s why we also focus on guiding them, especially in the first months after their arrival. We support them, for instance, in finding accommodation."

"At Select, we are convinced that international recruitment pays off," he added. “Employees recruited in foreign countries want to succeed in their jobs or projects in Belgium. They really are highly motivated and have a long-term vision. "

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