Select works with Peps International to provide international solutions to the demand for in-demand technical profiles

Published on: 13 February 2019

At the Select Group, the year’s start was punctuated by the arrival of a new member of the family: Peps International. A partnership with the leader of the Belgian blue collar interim world, Peps Interim, had already been concluded in early 2018. Under the experienced leadership of Brahim Abchir, Peps International will focus on outsourcing specific technical professionals such as welders, maintenance technicians and electricians. And, as the name suggests, these candidates will be sourced in Belgium and abroad.

‘When it comes to the most in-demand professions in the technical specialisations sector, there is a serious shortage of highly-skilled profiles ', says Jelle Destoop, International Operations Director at SELECT GROUP. ‘In addition, the demand for additional technical manpower is often project-related or a temporary affair. Just consider regular maintenance and audits of production facilities. It’s for this reason that extending the search for these profiles to the international scene is also absolutely crucial. However, recruitment of foreign profiles does require highly-specific expertise. Obviously you have to be familiar with the targeted profiles inside and out, something that's required for any search. In addition to this, however, there are also factors such as housing, diploma equivalence, work permits, etc. to be taken into account. This is essential, not just to provide employers with peace of mind, but also to offer employees at least enough stability and security to make them willing to take the big leap that relocation requires. At Peps International, we personally employ the technical experts that we recruit elsewhere. As a result, we offer them the stability they need in the long term, while at the same time offering our customers the flexibility of easy recruitment for short and long-term projects. ’

Select found that specific expertise in Brahim Abchir, Peps International's brand new Business Unit Manager. Brahim has years of experience, both as an independent entrepreneur and for a Dutch employer, where he was able to specialise in the recruitment of technical profiles across national borders. ‘We’re looking for most of these profiles in Portugal. This has something to do, in part, with my background, which is Portuguese. However, it has far more to do with the country itself. Portugal is the ideal source for skilled and qualified talent.’ We asked Abchir why. ‘ Portuguese culture is really geared towards it. After all, throughout history Portugal has always been a country with its sights set outside its own borders. Their economic climate also encourages a geographically flexible labour force. And despite Portugal’s decent recovery after the financial crisis, the economy continues to fluctuate significantly. This obviously encourages an outflow. Finally, Portugal is also an easily accessible hub for skilled profiles specialising in specific niches. ’

To start out, Peps International will hone in on a few highly-specific profiles. This is the best way to guarantee fields of specialisation in high demand. In addition to far-reaching specialisation, there is a high demand for flexibility in particular due to the constantly and rapidly evolving demands of employers, which is intensified by technological developments and digitisation. In this area too, the new international player has responded impressively by resolutely deciding to outsource on a project basis for long and short assignments. More information on Peps International can be found on