Five expert tips for your next job interview

Published on: 7 August 2019

As competition for jobs is fierce, interviews can be challenging for candidates. Our consultants at Select International in Dubai are happy to share their advice to help you succeed in your next interview.

1. Do your research

Never go to your job interview unprepared. You should know as much key information as possible about the company. “I see some candidates overestimate their knowledge about the company they’re applying to,” says Joseph Mercader, recruitment consultant at Select’s Dubai office.

“First, you should check the company website or LinkedIn page. There you can find out basic information on the company profile so you understand more about their business and what it is they do.”

2. Prepare examples that display key hiring traits

During a job interview, recruiters verify whether your particular skill set aligns with the role you are applying to. Here too, you cannot be prepared enough.

“Prove that you have the desired skills in the interview process by giving examples based on your past work experience that can demonstrate your experience and abilities,” says Milan Upadhyay, recruitment consultant at Select International Dubai.

3. Practice makes perfect

If you are preparing for your first-ever job interview, you may not know what to expect on the day. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get some practice before you experience the real thing.

“Call someone (maybe one of your friends) to set up a mock interview for you,” says Joseph. “Repeat it many times until you can say that you are confident to answer the questions. Also make sure that you read the job description of the role carefully.”

The more you practice, the more you will be able to fight your nerves and be confident on the day of the interview. “Getting nervous is normal,” says Joseph. “But always remember that the recruiter would not have invited you if you were not a potential candidate.”

4. Make a good impression

According to Joseph, it is a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes early before your interview is scheduled. This should give you plenty of time to get settled and figure out where exactly you need to be.

“Also make sure that you have an extra copy of your resume and a pen,” Joseph adds. “Put your phone in silent mode, make sure you have appropriate interview attire and that everything fits correctly.”

First impressions are vital to the success of your job interview, agrees Milan. “Many interviewers make up their minds about the candidates in the first five minutes of the interview,” she says. “They then spend the rest of the interview to confirm their decision.”

5. Ask the right questions

Candidates tend to place a lot of emphasis on considering the questions their prospective employers will ask them. What they often fail to consider, however, is the questions they can ask their interviewer. These can be just as impactful to your candidacy.

According to Milan, you should always “ask intelligent questions to the interviewer that demonstrate your knowledge of the company as well as your serious intent.”

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